Malding over smurf queue. Dear Valve you are clowns

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I used to play a lot back in 2012-2016. I maintained roughly the same mmr 6000-6300.

Roughly 2 months ago I came back to dota, calibrated about 5700 and started playing again.

Althought it felt like Im playing with way worse players than I used to I still wasnt able to have decent winrate and for a month I was slowly sinking and finally dropped to 4900 after some painful loose streak.

Took a break during TI, started massing games and started winning consistently way more. I usually play weird heroes and I play around with stupid stuff in dota so after dropping heroes and builds that didnt work I improved mechanically, pick-wise, and overall playstyle.

Why do I say this? Well Valve can obviously track all those games and my shitty winrate, I was at my all time low by far. I was struggling for atleast a full month before I started climbing. Things such as my apm, camera control, playstyle, hotkeys, settings,… can easily be tracked.

BUT after finally having success its VERY obvious im placed in a smurf queue with players who bought account, ruin games intentionally, boost account, smurfing overall. I played vs account who didnt play for a loooong time and is now 30 wins 1 loss in 4 days.

These cases are extreme and its honestly just so wrong that VALVE acknowledges that these toublesome accounts exist and rather than banning them they add them into special queue system. Meaning that when these accounts are no longer flagged you will again meet them in regular games unless its perma flagged? (so my account is either forever ruined or after few games these accounts are back to ruining games for everyone). The second issue is that you will be placed there just because your winrate is good and maybe this is why people think there is a forced 50% winrate.

Im pretty sure forced 50% isnt a thing because its logical that you will have 50% once you reach your rating. Maybe its the smurf queue that is THE issue

I have old account with many games. In my recent history I was losing like a complete ape. All those matches were played from the same machine.

Why am I punished for doing well valve? I honestly dont feel like playing dota again because if working on yourself and having good winrate gets you into ruiner queue with clockwerk who constantly flames and makes first item radiance its just crushing. How many games will I be trapped there? If I keep winning then forever? Is this like low priority for success? How many times do I have to lose to earn normal queue?

I would like to say many more words which would get me banned so this has to be enough…

If you are curious about some games this is my account:

this account is the example I wondered why its not banned:


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