Malfunctions are a cool mechanic, but I want more.

Malfunctions were one of the mechanics I was looking forwards to, because it requires the user to be calm under stressful situations. I feel as if the malfunctions right now are in a good place. At this point in the wipe, ive used all sorts of weapons, from smgs like the kektor, to dmrs like the sr-25. The malfunctions have (almost) never killed me, because I always managed to clear the malfunction while re-positioning. Here however comes where I want more.

I want malfunction clearing to be harder.
Currently, if you get a malfunction, all you need to do is press shift-t to clear it. While from a gameplay standpoint this makes it easy to clear the multitudes of malfunctions, this is tarkov, and pressing one button to solve all our problems would be too good.

What I would like to happen would be the following.
Get a malfunction -> use inspect gun to check what kind of malfunction it is (lets say failure to feed) -> use the keybind to remove magazine -> use the keybind to eject a round(or check chamber) -> re insert the mag.

I know this is not as optimal for gameplay, but this is tarkov. We should be expected to know all the malfunctions and how to clear them.

Tl:dr i wish malfunctions were harder to clear


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