Mammuna without Griffin in WH Frost?

the witcher and ciri gwent

If you go to playgwent and check the MO decks there are quite a number of WH Frost decks on trending. What I noticed with all of them is that they all play the same package: Mammuna + 2 Griffin + Imlerith. The idea of course is to use Imlerith to discard the first Griffin so that you can Mammuna for 20 points.

The problem I see here though is that with Griffin you play 2 hard bricks along other bricks, like Queen and Rider, and the only way to use them and enable the Mammuna play is with a single Gold card: Imlerith. Given that MO devotion already doesn't have the best consistency (hence why you play all that thinning) I ask, is it really worth to play Griffin here? The next targets are Conqueror and Kiki Worker, both at 7. You lose 4 points on Mammuna but you're also not depending on hard drawing 2 specific cards. She still plays as a 16 for 11 in that case.

What do you think? Keep Griffin or drop it?


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