Map Maker?

Before you ask, no, I'm not rushing or forcing an update in any way. I'm just leaving a suggestion that popped up in my head. Enjoy.

In the main title screen, there could be a button that allows you to build a map. Once you click on it, you will be brought to the map builder. There are different types of things to add here.


This will add settings to your map like the snowy setting makes it feel like Polus or the hot setting makes it feel hot. Keep in mind moods only apply outside but they can be applied in a room.


This will add certain rooms to your map. Click a corner of the area to set a room then drag to the opposite corner (kinda like prison architect style). Each part without a room (halls can be placed and count as rooms) will be defaulted to outside.


Just a dropship where everyone spawns. If there is no dropship, everyone will spawn near the emergency meeting table.

Special objects

Objects which have special purposes. For example, the light switch where the light sabotage fix is or the reactor pads where 2 (or maybe more) people have to use the pad to stop the reactor meltdown (or possibly reset the seismic stabilisers) or the emergency meeting which, well, makes an emergency meeting or the comms receptors where you fix comms or the 02 pads, the outer space is your limit.


Place a task anywhere and voila, a working task. You can long press a task then hold while going to the next task then letting go to connect it to another task to make staged tasks which take longer. Keep in mind that, to have a visual task, you need to place another part that comes with it when you place it.


Walls and doors. Each door can be sabotaged. You can also place windows to see what's going on outside or inside or place fences where everyone can see you and you can see them while they stare at you. Walls are placed the same way rooms are but parts can be erased.


Here you can place a vent or a hole. Just like tasks, you can connect vents or holes.


Things like cams, admin, vitals. Cameras are here too.


Stuff like tables, electricity lockers and towers, Just to add feels.

That's it, hope you upvote because this took like half an hour's or so to write.

Please leave a comment if you think something is missing or if you want to leave your thoughts.


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