Massive uptick in cheaters recently?

Obligatory not complaining blah blah blah.

Just thought I'd check in with the community and share my experiences.

I've noticed on customs especially my friends and I have been running into a large amount of cheaters, or at the very least very suspicious acting lvl 5 non eod players.

Take for example:

We have a guy (lvl 17, non eod impersonating a Twitch streamer who doesn't play tarkov) who is shooting at me through trees, rocks etc.

Now am I mad? No, I didn't die. I had been following this guy for many minutes after very suspiciously killing my teammate, he ran away and was shooting at me like this for many minutes.

Anyone else been questioning their encounters more recently?

That is all, inb4 YOU JUST SUCK CUZ U ARE MAD, GET GUD LOOOSER!!!!!!11!

(also I've played for three years, yes I know cheaters are here, no need to say THEY COME BACK AL OT O!!!)


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