Masters Season 1: Put on your tinfoil hats

the witcher and ciri gwent

I think we will get news regarding World Masters season 1 quite soon.

As most of you have probably seen already, Lifecoach is back playing Gwent. He has been streaming for the past 3 days, putting in over 10 hours yesterday alone. When asked about his slot in WM season 1 on stream, he responded that he will soon talk about his decision whether to attend or not.

Furthermore, Freddybabes (who also has a spot in WM season 1) has placed rank 53 last season, gaining access to the next open qualifier. The last two seasons before that, he barely played at all.

There is also the consideration that the covid situation seems to be getting a little better with vaccines rolling out around the world, although I am not sure how it is in Poland.

All of this leads me to the conclusion that something must have been recently decided by CDPR behind the scenes. I am expecting news about a possible date for WM season 1 soon™.


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