Match making in the higher ranks.

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Hello everyone!

As I'm sure a lot of you are, I too am very pleased to learn that smurfing has now been banned. Obviously, it's going to take some time to weed them out, but that's a matter of waiting for us. The question that springs to mind for me is: "What now?"

Ideally, at least for me, what is hopefully going to happen is that the Immortal players are no longer separated from the rest of the player base, as have been now for a while. I will recap for those of you who have not been paying attention, not cared or whomever feels they'll read my entire post.

I do understand why these changes took place, people playing on "low" ranked accounts (rank 4000 instead of 30 or whatever) they boosted their friends MMRs to new heights. As a result of this, if there is an Immortal in the stack now ALL players count as the highest rank in the party. One dude is 8k? For the match maker all players are 8k. This was of course implemented to avoid the aforementioned issue.

This of course made party queue in higher ranks a bit more volatile, what if an Ancient player is queueing with their Immortal friend? What happens is you may get an Ancient mid player against a top 4000, we all know how that goes. This made people angry and as a result of this people below Divine are unable to queue with Immortal players. Again, I understand the reasoning and it is how it currently stands.

What would I like to happen? Honestly, I think it's time that we do away with this, it feels… harsh and unfair to be separated, the current system is based on the premise that smurfing is acceptable. If this no longer applies, then both these adhesive patches that have been slammed onto the match making restrictions are not only obsolete, but alienating as well.

I do happen to be one of those players that doesn't mind playing unranked with my friends if the MMR is too far apart for what is deemed as fair matchmaking, but why my friends are able to queue with whatever the max discrepancy of MMR is currently (I think it's 2800 at the moment) and I can't queue with someone who's 1000 below me seems awkward at best.

What do you guys think? Feel free to cull my arguments or agree, but please do discuss. Now that we have something working to help include the people in the lower end of the MMR pool, I'd like to see something that's working on including people on the higher end as well.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing all inputs!

TL;DR: Get rid of or change Immortal match making, it is with recent changes anachronistic at best.

P.S. I know I may sound snobby or elitist, it happens sometimes when I communicate through text. I hope I haven't now, try to bear in mind English is not my first language, so the intonation in my head seems to not always synchronize with the reader.


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