Matchmaking for 2+ minutes just to be drawn against Nilfgaard is just horrible.

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Feels like no one is playing this game anymore. I know the game is in a pretty good state right now, but that’s only because for the last few months it has been diabolical, so any return to normalcy is going to celebrated. With that said, as someone who has been here since Beta and loves Gwent, I’m struggling to play more than one game every few days, where as before if I wasn’t doing anything I’d play all day.

My post mainly pertains to casual. I am a casual player and I’m sure there will be those who say that it doesn’t matter because it’s not ranked, well my enjoyment of the game matters. And if I’m not enjoying the game I’m not buying cosmetics and other stuff, this is affecting the bottom line for CDPR.

Just to give some context for my post, about two weeks ago I downloaded Legends of Runeterra. Even though I have access to about 10% of the cards on that game and I have a full collection here, I’m still able to go on longer win streaks and find more success, even after 2 weeks of playing, and I’ve been here for 4 years. On that game you never play the same deck twice in a row, the player base seems to be a lot more relaxed and willing to try out home brews in casual, rather than in this game where people can’t wait to copy whatever netdeck is strongest.

Back when Swim and Mogwai and Merchant left, that was 3 of my most watched Gwent content creators gone. I couldn’t figure out why, but it becomes more and more apparent the more you play other card games.

CDPR’s burning desire to have lore friendly faction identity has let them down big time in my opinion. Nilfgaard being a sabotage heavy faction being able to manipulate your deck, akin to an assassin removing a high value target before a war has even started, while cool in theory is like pulling teeth out your heel to actually play against. They’ve missed the mark and I think once they started making actual money from what started out to be a side project in Gwent, they veered off the path.


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