the witcher and ciri gwent

As I mentioned a week ago, since the update, I'm no longer receiving players at my own skill level to verse. I verse players who's levels are so much higher than me, have all of the cards and decks.
I've been stuck at Rank 14 for a week now. Matchmaking needs to change. This is honestly so unfair to us. I mean us, as my friend is also stuck on Rank 14, she plays like a pro! unfortunately same problem, just keeps getting matched with people who have been at Rank 3-5 (average) Even been placed with a Rank 1 player once, an old timer, just came back on to a fresh Rank 14 I'm guessing after not playing for a while and just killed me…

My friend and I are just stuck and pretty bored with this game now tbh, even though it has been our favourite game to play since we started.

All we ask for… Is fair matchmaking, as mentioned, since latest update. It's just been a slaughter house for players like us who are trying to win and earn rewards so we can actually have good decks. I'm so tired of playing against higher levelled, better ranked, better decked players. Thanks.


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