Maybe I made a mistake? Tips for a newbie.

witcher gwent cards

Hello Fam,

I'm really new to this game and been playing for 2 days only. I've played multiple TCGs and CCGs before but after watching the series from netflix and being pissed at how bad the MTGA "randomness" is, I decided to give this a try. It didn't disappoint me but along the road, I don't know what I'm doing anymore. LOL.

I've invested on Elves (deadeye) for the first wave of F2P rewards + starter pack that I bought. So far, I'm loving it, but I'll eventually switch to another faction when it gets boring so I did invest on Syndicate, too (because of the gangs and all lol). You think it's a good move? I barely play mirror match with elves so I'm loving it, but clearly, there are more powerful factions. I see that the game is currently balanced but if you will rank it, which is the most competitive one? How often does the meta change here?

I've been competitive in previous games I played so from someone living in South east Asia, do we even have a competitive scene here?

Will throw in questions along the way if someone will comment here. But I will appreciate any of your feedbacks 🙂


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