Maybe it’s just me but…

Is Valheim coming

I love all the building improvements I just built a Viking industrial kitchen while small it gets it out of my long house and adds another useful building in my little village I have been building since day one. I just can’t stand the stamina issue foods just don’t provide enough stamina and it is drained ridiculously fast swinging your axe while chopping wood takes 17 points of stamina. It is absolutely terrible you have to eat the best foods to even really be productive at any wood and mining gathering. I truly think it is absolute crap the cost either needs readjusted or the stamina gain from food needs upped vastly. I don’t want to be eating my finest foods just for mining and gathering wood it makes the game way too drawn out. I can’t even imagine what a full on battle is like now I used to be able to eat some cooked meat a sausage and any other random food and go gathering now I spend 75% if not more of my time resting waiting for my stamina to refill. I get the idea behind the adjustment but I cant help but feel they set the bar way way to low on the stamina gain. Again maybe it’s just me but it is driving me nuts. Any thoughts opinions?


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