Maybe try other maps?

Seriously though, there are more maps than just Shoreline. Yes, BSG nerfed Resort and the community completely overreacted and decided to light themselves on fire to protest the 20% reduction in LEDX's that spawn there. Now you can only run into 4-5 other players in Resort at midnight instead of 6-7 like before. I know that the mere thought of killing fewer than 10 players a raid makes your uber chad cheeks clench harder than getting a shoulder massage from Tagilla, but I have an easy solution for you guys. Try other maps.

Personally, I hate the changes to Woods from last wipe. The expansion more than doubled the size of the map and completely ruined it for me. Now the map is dead. Woods is way too damn big for the number of players. You could fit 50 players on woods and it would still feel fairly empty. It's only good for looting the closest high value point to your spawn and then running to outskirts. You'll find other players on woods every few raids, but they aren't worth killing because everyone has an unspoken agreement to run woods with nothing other than scav vests and mosins. Know what I do now? I play different maps when I want to snipe.

Resort, since it was added to Shoreline, has always been a high value high PVP area. Perhaps more so than any other area on any other map. However, that has never actually made sense from a gameplay perspective. The fights in Resort boil down to broken audio or spawns giving a player/squad an insane advantage over another player/squad and wiping them without much of a real fight. On top of the shitty fights, Resort is a 5 minute run from both spawns and extracts, meaning for every 10 second PVP encounter you can expect 5 minutes of matching, 5 minutes of running into Resort, and 5 minutes of running out if you survive. That sucks. Resort was NEVER a good spot for us decide to PVP in, we just did it because LEDXs. Now that the loot is gone, and most of the higher geared players have left, Resort is what it should have been from the start: a place where people go to get their quests done and occasionally run into other players who are there to do their quests too. That's a really good thing! Now level 12's don't have to wade through a lobby of roided out chads filling the hallways floor to ceiling with m995 bullet casings.

So, rather than PVP in a single 10ft x 10ft building in the center of one of the biggest maps in the game, why don't we look at where else we could go to get a similar experience? Woods is already out, like I said earlier, but that still leaves Factory, Customs, Reserve, Labs, and Interchange. Factory honestly has the ideal setup for high tier PVP. Aside from a single shitty spawn in the hallway (fuck you BSG for not removing that garbage years ago) it's a pretty good place to chad out, kill players, and grab some decent (though by no means great) loot. You've got multiple weapon crates, a med crate, a bunch of jackets, some filing cabinets, loose weapon part spawns all over the map, and a safe. Sure, there's no LEDx, but I found a Gcard on the desk under office just the other day. Factory has really underrated loot, especially after the dynamic loot update. Try it out.

How about Customs? Dorms used to be the place to be for PVP, but it got hit with the nerf bat just like Resort so it's kind of dead now. That would suck if BSG hadn't already added a whole other section of the map that's basically devoted to high level PVP. There are no quests that low level players have to do in Stronghold or Crack House so that basically leaves an entire section of the map that should be making the nether regions of every chad moisten. There are spawns and extracts very close by which means you don't have to waste a ton of time getting to or from your PVP spot. There are buildings and tons of cover so you don't have to worry about getting sniped unless you're up against a crack shot, and the loot is certainly good enough to make you money when you survive. Adding to that, there's a loot pinata scav boss and cultists that spawn there for even more action and cash! Customs is now a 10/10 high level PVP map without being completely disruptive to the low level questing that goes on there.

Interchange is what it's always been. Aside from the pistol boys that can't sprint to techlite and die with a Gcard in their bum, basically nothing has changed. The PVP is no longer isolated to a single corner of a single floor of the mall, but that's actually a good thing. Interchange still does a great job of concentrating players in close enough areas that they run into each other and have to duke it out. It's never been my cup of tea because of the lighting issues, but if you can get past the fact that you'll be feeling your way through the shadows of Mordor, while staring up at the clear blue sky directly above you, then go for it. Honestly anyone that used to like Resort should have no problem with the lighting in Interchange because they were both apparently designed by the same art team (which should be awarded for managing to write the lighting code entirely in braille.) The same could be said about Labs. Aside from nerfing the key rooms it's exactly what it's always been. It has a great layout for fun fights with lots of possible flanks and escape routes throughout the entire map. The loot is still very good even if you can't stuff 250k worth of stims in your butt like you're on a casting couch. There are even a ton of raiders to fight and kill once you've eliminated your competition. Sure, the 200k per run is a little daunting when you know that you can't just immediately recoup that cost in the nearest locked room, but if you're the type of person bitching about how little PVP there is and how rich you are then the 200k shouldn't really matter to you should it? Unless you're actually just mad that you can't sit in a corner with a vepr hunter and kill the real chads without having to risk anything of your own that is.

Last but not least we have Reserve. The 10 minute map. Go in, loot the nearest building, and get out before you have to do any PVP! Oh wait…weren't you bitching about how there's no PVP anywhere anymore? What, are player scavs not good enough for you? Who would you rather fight, one chad geared noob or 10 noob geared chads? Luckily, on Reserve, you can do both?

*bursts into song*

There's scav boss and raiders a plenty. There's hatchlings and campers galore. Want locked rooms? I've got twenty. But who cares. No big deal. I want MOOOOOOOORE.

But in all seriousness if you haven't chadded the fuck out with a duo and tried to see how long you could hold train station then you haven't experienced the true glory that is end game Tarkov. Nothing comes closer to Mogadishu: The Game than fighting off 10+ player scavs who have formed a tenuous alliance with the raiders and the scav boss for the purpose of pillaging your lands. All the while having to fight off the constant psychological torture that is the bleating klaxon reminding you every 2.4 seconds that escape is only meters away and all you have to do is pussy out, leave your castle, and run in order to reach safety. Herman the Door is beckoning you, and he'll ferry you off to the safety of your stash if you'll only let him. But that's not why you're there. You're there to fuck bitches and ride trains, and you're all out of trains. Playing king of the hill on Reserve is some of the most fun I've ever had in any game ever.

The guys running around shift-w'ing into firefights aren't the ones bitching on Reddit. Those fucking chads never learned how to read or write in the first place. It's the wanna be's who are complaining about dynamic loot. The guys that run 10 raids with in a row with a penis helmet and an MP5 are mad that they can't ambush the real chads when they go to unlock doors anymore. It's the guys that wear a slick once in 15 raids who are bitching that "nobody is geared anymore!" Worst of all, it's the fuckers who sprint around with a 5.7 and nothing else (even though they have 20 million roubles tucked into 0 durability AVS rigs in their stash) who are salty that Interchange no longer restocks graphics cards more regularly than my local Best Buy.

"But OP, I picked a map that's the size of Rhode Island and I don't know exactly where all of the other players are at all times now! It's so unfair!" Fuck right off with that. Yeah, now there's a pretty decent chance that you're going to get clapped when you leave the resort by some dude in UN armor who sees you as a target of opportunity in between hunting scavs. Oh well. Sucks to suck. Maybe bringing an SMG and 87 grenades isn't the best idea anymore on a map that has 800 meter sight lines m'kay? Shoreline has always been way more than the resort, Customs has been more than just dorms, and Interchange has been more than just Techlite.

None of this is to say that the current situation is perfect by any means. There's honestly just WAY too much loot to make "dynamic loot" work as intended. The idea is to force players to explore MORE of the map and instead it has made the average player explore way less of it than ever before. If someone can spawn at the USEC building in customs and fill a tri-zip without moving more than 50ft from their spawn then they are never going to go looking around the rest of the map for loot. They are just going to loot their spawn and run to the extract. Likewise, they are not going to be incentivized to fight anyone along the way because their bag is already full. In order to achieve what they want with dynamic loot, BSG should dial the loot back by about 50% overall in order to force players to spend longer and move further through the map before they extract, but that's a different rant for a different day. A better solution entirely would probably be to just reign in the value of high tier items. Making graphics cards spawn 5 times as often spread out across an entire map like interchange, but making the bitcoin farm cap out at 250 (for the same bitcoin output that we currently have) would make sprinting for graphics cards much less rewarding. The issue is not that graphics cards spawn in the same place every raid, it's that a single item is worth 800k. Finding one graphics card is better than filling a backpack up with hardware items. Same is true with LEDX spawns. If they made LEDX's spawn 10x more often in rooms throughout the entirety of the Resort but cut their value by 90% they would achieve what they're trying to achieve with dynamic loot without making looting feel like a trip to Vegas to play slots. That's a rant for another day though.

In closing, to all of the people making posts saying "I don't like these changes so I quit!" I say thank you. This game will be better once you're gone. If Tarkov loses 80% of it's players but stays true to itself the 20% who remain will still have the dream game that they have always wanted. If you're one of the guys who's like "Yeah, I love Tarkov but I hit level 57 and there's no new content for me so I'm going to take a break for a while and try something else out" then good for you. It's totally okay to escape from Tarkov for a while. There will be more content in the future. We'll miss you, but we know you'll be back.


Shoreline was always a shit map to use as our collective PVP land. Resort left the rest of the map empty while also being super inconvenient for people that just wanted to show up and Pew v. Pew. That sucked. If you really are the type of person that just wants to PVP then embrace the changes and go PVP in a map that's appropriate for the type of PVP you're looking to do. Resort was NEVER going to be a good end game area and I'm glad that these loot changes finally killed it. There are better options for PVP that already exist in the game and I seriously encourage you to give them an honest chance. Their loot got buffed substantially with these recent changes and they are now much more viable than before. When was the last time you actually went in to Factory to just fuck shit up? However, if you're glomming onto the frustrations of the PVP'ers in a thinly veiled attempt to bitch about how you can't rat your way to a LEDx and someone else's 1mil kit every raid by hiding in a corner now, then you can fuck right off.


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