Mechanism Backpack Price vs Versatility

My first ever actual post on this sub, I was looking at the mechanism backpack today and wondering why it was never used.

I finally unlocked Level 3 Ragman, and decided to take a look at it. 32 slots, not bad… 4 2×2 slots instead of a full backpack size… Meh, it's cool, whatever, I'd bring it along… Price.

53k. A trizip at the same level ragman… 39k. Wait, what? The trizip has only 2 less slots, sure, but… It also doesn't have broken up 2×2 slots. I dunno about this one, boss. I figure if anything, the Mechanism should be CHEAPER then the Trizip, not more expensive, considering you can't fit many weapons in it, and the only thing you're getting is a slightly less speed penalty and 2 extra slots… Which don't matter, because they are 2×2 and a 4×4, instead of the trizips 5×7.

But who knows. What do you guys think?


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