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Well, how ever I put this it would sound like a "back in my days" statement, so I don't evade it.
Back in my days the default hero pull of DotA, without choosing any alternative mode (like all pick,) was divided in two. Sentinel and the Scourge (renamed to Radiant and Dier) used to have a separate hero pulls. Well of course everyone even back then always used all pick but I can't help but miss somethings about that design mindset.

If you look at some of the older hero's, you can see an imperfect thematical and balance parity, which still persists after heroes have been reworked over and over.
Tide hunter on Scourge has a large AOE ult, and has damage blocking ability. Tree ant on Sentinel side has a different type of large AOE disabling ult, and give others damage block.
Draw ranger on one side has an orb attack and basically nuked the opponent with her rightclicks, Clinks/bone fletcher is the thematical mirror of her.
Abaddon and Omni night, well they were the same characters (prince Arthas) and their abilities where mutations of the other and still are the heal the shield the invulnerability ult.

It seamed like every pair of heroes were someone's idea on a certain gameplay and ability set, but developed in two wildly different ways. I kind of miss that Yin and Yang effect. and it's not something that stopped as Dota two came around. Hero designs, as early as puck and legion commander lacked that design perspective. I'm reminded of this every time there is a new hero out and people argue about how balanced she is, like Marcy. I can't stop wondering how her counter part would have been.

I also would love if Dota2 had a mode where you could play with the split hero pulls, specially if ranked. Alas, a man can dream.


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