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Tell me about the memes you're trying lately!

The weirdest the better, sometimes you just want to see something fresh instead of the same decks, even if is not the best thing in the world.

The matchups i like the most are meme vs meme, but sadly is rare to encounter, everyone runs meta decks very often (which is normal and understandable) even in casual (that maybe is not that understandable).

I don't even know if i'm the only one who likes to try forgotten cards like Veteran Tuirseach or Dimun Corsair just because i love the art and the voicelines, or just to have fun trying new things.

I feel like memes should be more common, i'm sure there's a lot of people who wish to try something different, but get demotivated as soon as they run into a meta deck and lose, especially NG and their ability to shut down everything weird (and everything in general, really).

My latest meme was a self wound SK with Artis and a lot of combos, it was a lot of fun except for control decks that disrupted them like… well, NG and their usual annoyency (looking at you, quadruple Joachim), i felt like an NR engine deck.

So, talking from personal experience, usually the feeling from that humiliating defeat against a meta with a meme is "Ok, let's get revenge with some tier 1, my opponents shall tuck tail and beg for mercy", and maybe that's one of the reasons everyone sticks to meta.

Let me be clear, i have nothing against meta decks (or the people who uses them, of course), they are by far the most optimal and viable to play when it comes to winning, you skip hours at the deckbuilder, and i use them a lot just like everyone else.

Problem is that it gets repetitive, and sadly for me, boring.

Anyways, i'm in the mood for some memes, mostly due to my decision of not grinding Gwent anymore and not worrying about reaching pro with meta decks every season, Freddybabes made me realize that memes are the best for having a blast sometimes, and honestly i don't care about the keys and the title.

It was the best decision i could make.
Game feels a lot more chill now, so, mind sharing meme decks if you have or know some?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.


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