meta alloy bug?

been loving this game. jumped in about a two weeks ago.

it's alot like eve, but no monthly cost. I was milling around, learning to mine when I got an invitation from deciat, a miss farseer. she wanted some meta alloy. I found out you can only by it in one place in the galaxy. a bit odd, but whatever. Maia, the system in question, was 72 jumps away. I finally decided to go and do this trip. I got there the next day, purchased two meta alloys (one for me, one to store and sell to someone who won't want to take that journey).

it took a long, long while to get back to deciat. I play solo, no one attacked me, I didn't over heat in the sun. I get back and click donate.


I check my cargo.


Theres no way I'm doing that run again. my time was wasted. I searched for some king of log to find out what happened. but it's seems I'm just shit out of luck.

I want to jump back in, but I am burnt. I see others have experienced this.

Some have said, just wait, get a better ship and I can get down there in 7 jumps instead of 72.

Is this true?


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