[Meta] I’d like to see more custom cards on this subreddit.

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When you set about designing custom cards, you gain an idea of how difficult balancing can be. It's actually quite challenging, and gives you an appreciation for the challenges that developers face when coming up with cool and unique ideas for this awesome game.

Sometimes, you'll come up with an idea that seems OP, but most people will say it isn't. Or a card that you feel is fine, and everyone insists it's OP. Sometimes you'll design a card whose strength is really hard to evaluate, and you honestly can't decide. Or there might be a card or ability that you love, but everyone else hates so you have to let it go. There's also a temptation to only make huge tempo high provision gold cards. And so forth.

Learning about card design can also help you learn about Gwent itself, as you have to anticipate all sorts of card interactions. For example, when making a Duel card for SK, you have to think about Sukrus. Or when making a handbuff card, you have to think about Sheldon Skaggs and Aglais. You're never going to be able to anticipate every possible interaction, and neither are the Gwent devs. So give them a break when they print cards that aren't perfectly balanced from time to time.

If you guys don't know, making custom cards is super easy. I use https://gwentcard.online/ and find art on Pinterest, which is readily available.

Thanks for reading.

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