Meta or not, which deck/faction do you enjoy playing the most right now, and what do you like AND dislike about it?

the witcher and ciri gwent

Edit: UGH I forgot monsters, my bad! I would delete but people have already responded. Comment below monster players!

Currently I'm surprised that I think I like playing Skellige warriors the most right now. I like that for the most part, the deck is straightforward and wholesome in the sense that everything put on the board is simple to understand and react to, and there's not a ton of boosting or fancy maneuvering. Of course, you also have Eist+Blaze of Glory combo to keep up with (and contribute to) the power creep with game-changing point swings.

My biggest dislike is that the build really struggles against uninteractive decks and that bloodthirst/deathblows often don't work out. Blaze of Glory also feels quite restrictive, especially since you usually want to use it with Eist, and getting forced into unoptimal plays feels really bad.

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