Meta thought experiment – Bottle

Dota2 Mods

Imagine what would happen to Dota gameplay and meta if the item Bottle was simply removed from the game? Personally I think it has become such a ubiquitous item in the game that it reminds me slightly of Stout shield (before it was removed) where almost every core was buying it.

Which meta developments would result? which heroes would become weak and which would benefit?

Personally I think it would create very big ripples through the game – adversely affecting mid heroes like storm, puck, void spirit, ember etc. the most. Ganking would become harder to sustain, thereby encouraging mids to stay and farm, and therefore mids would become more of the carry, pushing safe lane cores to become more active to compensate.

I am interested to hear people's thoughts – I'm not expecting Icefrog to make this happen, just curious to find out peoples thoughts on the idea, as well as their thoughts on Bottle in general.


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