Methods of Fire: Full Auto vs Burst vs Semi

I know this is a universally brought up issue

I know that GENERALLY most people are aware of the current issues

But I want to bring it up again, as this is a CRITICAL issue with the game that I really hope doesnt simply become "accepted" by the devs

Of course, in simple terms, im talking about the "Full Auto Meta"

This is referring to how current shooting mechanics of the game favors total mag dumping over semi-auto, and god forbid you try to use short bursts

The gunplay is by far the most disappointing aspect of the game- when you are able to build realistically intricate weapons, even mimicking the ones you own IRL, only to take them into the field and find out the best way to use it is totally backwards

Its backwards, because for a "realistic shooter" the way it SHOULD be is:

Semi-Auto: 95% of the time

Short-Bursts: 5% of the time—–or while using specialized weapons (SMG's, LMG's, MMG's, HMG's)

Mag-dumping: Literally never, or merely for fun

The most realistic shooting mechanics ive ever experienced (and this is talking from a professional background in firearm usage, ESPECIALLY automatic weapons) in a game has to be SQUAD

INSURGENCY is definitely up there, but SQUAD has the edge for INTENTIONALLY making shooting a target at distance a challenge in of itself (And forget about trying for headshots or full auto at long range)

The cause of the issue is the recoil compensation system

For some reason, EFT has a system handling recoil FOR the player (removing the ENTIRE videogame shooting skill of "recoil management")

Yet, this recoil system ONLY kicks in for extended full-auto fire

Firing semi?

Gotta control your own recoil

Firing a burst?

Gotta control your own recoil


Game will take care of that for you

Not only does this result in unrealistic full-auto mag dump battles

But it also denies the niche for the specialized weapons mentioned above

If we ever get, say, an M249

What will be its role? If a modded M4 can deliver the same full-auto fire with the same level of accuracy, WHILE STANDING

That an M249 would be expected to provide from a supported position

EVEN IF you could fire the M249 standing like a laser in game, why would you?

A weapon that would probably have poor ergo, be slow to reload, etc

Vs, simply running an M4

Recoil SHOULD be additive in the sense that, without user input

Your barrel climbs X amount per shot

So full auto SHOULD have the weapon climb up and away

(That is what happens IRL if you hold a weapon ONLY by the pistol grip, and apply no resistive force to it)

I can prove this further, by bringing up my experience shooting an M240B from the hip (dont let my Platoon Commander here about this 📷 )

The M240 is a HEAVY mofo for a weapon, and considering that the weight is centered forward of the pistol grip, to hipfire it you have to grab the carrying handle in the front and apply significant force upwards to keep the Barrell from dropping

Once you start ripping on it though, you can almost (dont) let go with your forward hand as the recoiling forces are enough to essentially counter the weight of the weapon itself, it almost becomes light in a sense

If recoil is enough upward force to counter the weight of a HEAVY (27.1LB) machine gun, its enough to make your rifle climb SIGNIFICANTLY

I think SEMI auto fire is about right in this game

That should be your baseline to work from

Remove any automatic recoil control- thats for the player, not the game to learn to deal with

That alone should fix the "methods of fire" issue the game currently suffers from


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