Might be home early. Whats new?

Disclaimer: I've been gone from civilization for a few months and not been monitoring the expansions release progress. Long story short my trip might be cut short so I want to see if any neat new stuff has popped up with th Odyssey. Therefore if this is your chance to make your stunning and brave remark that the devs don't care or the game is dead know that when I reply hahaha it is me laughing at your salty tears and not your comedic genius.

Anyway. Questions.

-Ground thargoids, are they a thing yet?

-New SRVs yet?

-Anything announced about more places on stations to explore?

-Do I have a my cyberpunk sliders yet? You know the ones.

-Has anyone found any footfall specific xeno sites yet. Tharg or Guard?

-Any mind blowing crap I forgot?

Edit: I was there for release, and a bit after if that helps your frame of reference.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pi2pla/might_be_home_early_whats_new/

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