Mill should not exists in the game

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NOT because it is strong(it is not) or annoying but because there is cards that only sees play in mill and can actually support something else.

if CDPR did not rework the meme NG cards, players will only play Clog and Ball because there is not much to play with half on Ng cards are meme tier.

list of cards that only see play in Mill and how can they be reworked to support non-clog-non-Ball archetype :

Trahearn: he is an Agent, and can be reworked to support Spies.

Isbel: she is a mage she can get some little change that will make her fit into the new Mage(skillful deck manipulation) archetype without her being toxic or risky.

Tibor: can be reworked to support Soldiers since he is a legendary soldier card, I know some may want to use him with the reveling mages like Triss and Xart, but Imperial golem can be fit to support that roll since he a Construct(make since lore-wise and game-wise with the construct*mage synergy, and there not many soldiers legendries, so the more that support soldiers the betterhe may be something like" play a bronze soldier from your graveyard" for an example.

Imperial Golem: can fit the role with mages and with some little buff to his ability like 12/8 deploy: revel the top unit in your opponent's deck and damage self by its power, every allied turn on turn end heal self by 1 if you control a mage".

there is many more like Cahir's father, Palmrin, Milton etc, but I just wanted to give some examples

P.s. they need to rework NG mill cards cuz they completely negate this new strategy of thinning.


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