Miniority Vote here. Stop making the game easier.

There needs to be some challenge to the game and some replay value. Making all these changes like increased flash drive and increased LEDX spawns is making the game to easy. Reddit is even now still asking for changes to make the game easier. It’s always more more more or Nikita PLZ.

I’d rather see the quests rearranged or changed so the quest lines aren’t gated then see the game made easier by adding spawns.

I am finding flash drives like they are candy now and they aren’t worth anything anymore. I’ve only had time to play a little bit since the LEDX change, but have already found a LEDX on shoreline in 1 gaming session.

One reason that I love Tarkov is because it was supposed to be a challenging game for hardcore gamers. However, the longer that I play the game, I feel it gets easier and easier.

I’m sure I’ll get downvoted because people can’t have a normal discussion.


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