Miracle haters !! Miracle is washed up ??

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I have been tired of hearing this on Twitter, Twitch, Reddit the last few months… MIRACLE is washed up?

I always knew, if you will have fans, you will also have haters. But this is something that always bothers me.

MIRACLE is an introverted dude, never says anything to anyone. Very shy.

I am sure if you meet him in person, you gonna love the dude

He obviously plays beastly, proof today's game.

I understand people not liking someone, who is getting a lot of praise, the toxicity inside them can't allow them to be happy for someone else.

But in a community like Dota where we have MOXXI, KYLE, BSJ

who literally give you handouts to get pissed out, by their controversial comments and takes. compared to them, MIRACLE does nothing, then why go after him for no fucking reason.

If he sucks in your eyes, let him suck, so do 100's of players on the leaderboard.

Leave the people who have not done anything or said anything alone.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/rjhtx5/miracle_haters_miracle_is_washed_up/

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