Miss you winter :)

Winter was devastated to find that someone killed me, and she knew I was completing tasks with her, even as a ghost.

I was playing among us and I ended up coming across Winter (female), and the couple CORPESIMP and Goddess (BF/GF), and we played a few games together as black and pink watched the relationship of Winter (yellow) and me (lime) grow rapidly. It started with me asking if she was a girl, and she said yes, so I asked her if she wanted to task date me, so we did. I protected her and found whoever killed her when the times came, even trying to convince people not to vote for her when she became imposter. We won many games by completing tasks and voting out the imposters while protecting black and pink, so I asked her for her number but she said she didn't have one 🙁 . I gave her my gmail and number for when she gets a phone. She said ily, while I responded with ily too, and then said she wishes to meet me, while I said me too, I'd love to see your smile in real life. She said a game after she had to go, but before she left the game I said that these were the most memorable among us games I've ever had, that I would never forget her. She left, and so now I wait for her to email me, or call me.

If you ever see a yellow-colored crewmate with a balloon atop her head named 'Winter' tell her that adam misses her, to contact me at [62808496@riponusd.net](mailto:62808496@riponusd.net), that I still miss her.

Note to innersloth: Please add a friend request option, I miss winter.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jei47e/miss_you_winter/

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