MO and SY match up – homebrew deck

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Recently hardest match up for me was SY lined pockets, this is my homebrew Koschey + Succubus deck :

The biggest issue is that lack removal in my deck so once the drill / that clown stick they stay there and wreck chaos (tho sometimes I nuke them with one of the relics).

So what I have started doing is if I have Koschey + Karanthir in my hand I try to win 1st round and bleed 2nd, even if I lose 1st I keep bleeding 2nd.

Since my goal is to hit 5 cards in round 3 so I can instantly play Karanthir + Koschey before he has time to set up drill and/or gather coins to use it. By the time his drill / clown kills my both Koscheys I manage to proc them 4-5 times, and he wasted some of his coins on 6 armor.

Even when I'm card down that's usually enough to win if manage to keep procing 4-5 Larva that are on board.

What do you think how should I approach this match up? Would you get some cards (and which) to help out in this match up?


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