MOB Spawns Getting Rediculous

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

This is a complete rant. The MOB spawns is so ridiculous. There needs to be something that has a bigger radius to keep from MOB spawns. I have workbenches littering my entire area and I'm still getting Nek spawns that are killing my workbenches allowing other things to spawn. The reason for the rant is because I spent 3 fucking hours yesterday to find some onion seeds, finally found three and started getting my onions going. Was working on my next batch of 9 onions from the first reseeding. A Nek spawned inside of my garden and ate all of my onions and now I have NONE. There has to be a better way to cover a lot of ground to keep MOBs from spawning inside your base without littering the thing with workbenches. This pissed me off big time, I spent hours finding only 3 seeds and started to get some growth out of just those 3 and now ……. NOTHING. FFS

End rant. I love this game but fuck me there has to be a bug or something because my entire base is covered with Workbenches and there should be no availability to spawn mobs in my base.

*Edit – figured out that the Neks were Island hopping over to my base causing issues. Island has been dealt with.*


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