Moder just got way more difficult

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Combined with the bow nerfs and general stamina nerfs, Moder is extremely hard to beat now. Am I the only one? It can't be right. LvL2 Draugr Fang with Obsidian Arrows barely do any damage to it, and you have to balance having to spend extra stamina on drawing your bow and being able to roll, because if you eat more than one projectile from the ice barrage, you're dead.

I recently started progressing again solo, and I was meant to beat Moder today, but having overall less stamina, and bows requiring more to draw, when half the fight is a bow fight, it's just too much. I experimented later in my test world to see what weapons do any damage to Moder at all, and so far Fang Spear appears to be the "best", but it will be a 20 minute fight if you don't want to risk your life not being able to roll out. The shields themselves don't work well either. I tried using an iron tower shield, and they always break through my defenses (cause remember, stagger is now health based)

You need both health and stamina to do this fight but now you can only have either one or the other

Tell me I just suck at the game because then I'll have hope that I can figure out a good method to kill Moder that doesn't take half an hour to do


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