Monsters are (now) irrelevant.

the witcher and ciri gwent

Congratulations you killed the Relicts, the only competitive archetype Monsters had for a while.

While Relicts needed some adjustments to the numbers because they were on the "stronger side", you failed to notice that apart from Relicts, Monsters were pretty much irrelevant.

Now what is left for monsters?

  • Wild Hunt? The devotion "control" archetype that struggles to even maintain its "Dominance" key word and to actually control anything.

  • Death wish? The keyword that requires at least 1 previous turn of setup, in which they pay offs for actually keeping the consumer alive are just mediocre 5/6 points death wishes, where you have to keep a huge unit on the field and a single removal kills your entire build up?

  • Thrive? Taking like 5 turns to actually catch up to the amount of points other decks can generate in 3 turns.

  • Insectoids? A swarm oriented deck that barely makes half the amount of points Scoia'Tael manages to do in a round.

  • Vampires? Come on, you need a ton of previous setup, assuming your weak af 3 point units don't get immediately removed, where a defender and a veil is all your opponent needs to completely counter you.

See what I am trying to get here?

Monsters are irrelevant. I have only faced like 2 monster decks in this season, and when I play as monsters I struggle to keep up with any other strategy.

Relicts were tedious and I was bored of them as well, both playing as and facing Relicts, but for Monsters and Monster mains that was pretty much the only real deck you could use because the others were as good as dead, and CDPR doesn't give a fuck.

All they know is just add or subtract points on cards.
We have gotten to a point where that is not enough, so many cards have been power creep (and this is not an issue exclusive to Monsters of course but I'm standing for monsters as a Monster Main here) where you no longer need to add points in order to make it viable, you need to actually start putting effort into reworking old effects.

Power creep in this game is insane, you remember Viy? The card everyone was complaining about a few months ago and that required a whole deck to make it work?

Have you seen him now?
Of course not, at least, not winning.
Even though all they did to Viy was just reducing 1 point, it should still be as strong and consistent of an strategy yet for some reason it is nowhere to be seen, you wanna know why?

There are far more overpowered cards running around in Gwent that make Viy look, like all of the monster decks, irrelevant in comparison.

As I said before, this is not exclusive to Monsters, Northern Realms and Skellige and older archetypes of every faction (even competitive relevant ones like SY, NG and ST) are going through the same.

CDPR, what the hell are you doing with your game?


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