Monsters is BS

gerald witcher3 gwent

As I predicted, Monsters this season is completely busted. This is by far the most overpowered bullshit I've seen in the game (much worse than Warriors post MM). It's consequence-free pointslamming at an overwheming pace that's nearly impossible with which to keep up.

You can't reset their units, because of the base power gain, and if you don't win in the first round, they have so much carryover, you're pretty much guaranteed to lose 2:0. But how are you supposed to win R1 if you can't catch up to their point gain? Forget about even trying to bleed them out R2, if you do win R1.

On top of that they buffed arguably the strongest bronze engine in the game in a strange, failed attempt to nerf it (Larva is being played more than ever and I can't remove them fast enough). To add insult to injury, Viy is completely uninteractive. These cards are utterly game breaking to the point I don't even want to play at all anymore.

I can't. CDPR, I'm leaving until you balance out this faction. It's oppressive and unfair.

It'd be fine if you raised the provisions of these cards. They're stupidly low (a 9 power engine that increases it base power for 7 provisions? Fuck that!)

Also what the fuck is up with Adrenaline cards do aggressively shining red to the point that it obscures the art but shields are no longer visible on the card?

And fucking Yrden. I swear everyone has fucking Yrden in their decks. It makes the gave completely unenjoyable. Kill Yrden. Send it to hell. I never want to to see this absolutely busted card again. Ffs just give it Adrenaline. That's all we want! What's the point of boosting any units of its just a waist of time and energy? There's literally no counter. It's fucking horseshit. I've uninstalled the game. Almost purchased the Triss collextables, too. Glad I didn't. Abs glad I didn't get Thronebreaker either. I can't stand this shit. Yrden has ruined the whole game. Congratulations. You know jack shit about balance.


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