Monsters without teeth

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As we progress into the 4th season in a row in which monsters are the weakest faction (and the 100th season in which SY are too good, it seems) I want to address the matter and hear your thoughts.

The current patch is amazing for the faction. The new cards are great additions and the buffs to deathwish and vamps are finally serious and impactful (thank you for that cdpr). The question I keep asking myself is how in the world after so many major buffs (joined by the absolutely crucial buff to toad) Monsters still can't keep up with other factions in the competitive environment (unlike in low ranks).

I, for one, believe the reason lies in the fact the faction got robbed of it's identity.
Generally speaking (very generally) Monsters used to be the pointslam faction. Big units, great reach, great round 2 bleed. We "paid" for that with subpar consistency, terrible control (0 reliable tall removal, 0 locks, no efficient 5 point removal, no consistent dmg engines outside kelly decks), vulnerability to tall removal and so on. I feel like all that changed. Most other factions now have great pointslam cards of their own which are almost unconditional while still having great control and consistency. We, on the other hand, stayed with our major disadvantages and horrible devotion options.

Now, as a MO main I don't want the faction to go back to mindless thrive and slam but I would like to see it gain the "theeth" it so desperetly needs. IMO we need reliable reactivity, a reliable tutor (Naglfar is ok in some decks, terrible in most of them) and more ways to make brained plays as opposed to solitaire "this comes after this".

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Would like to hear your thoughts.


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