More aggressive neutron boost plotter

Does anyone else wish the galaxy map's jet cone boost plotter had an option for higher "aggression?"

Currently it's purely opportunistic, only plotting neutron boosts when a neutron happens to be in your path. Tools like the Spansh boost plotter instead opt to take you out of your way to reach neutrons, often resulting in overall jump counts 50+% lower than what the in-game plotter spits out. Unfortunately, Spansh has its own issues; it relies on player-mapped neutrons (while the game plotter implicitly knows where all neutrons are), requires you to manually plot each jump and manually monitor your fuel levels, which can be tedious.

I'd like to propose an additional toggle for jet cone boosting that lets you enable an aggressive plotting mode, where the game will go out of the direct path to chain neutron boosts and generally provide the lowest jump count possible.


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