more desync or cheaters

i played the last few months relatively easy. i didnt notice any big desync. i had a few suspicious encounters with other players which i reported ingame. i leveled up to 41 and really thought the cheater / desync problem seemed to fade.

today it started. i get shot at without gun shot sounds, not even the zipping from the bullets. chest->headeyes. i get shot from 100 meters away when im laying in a bush at the start of a raid. theres no chance anybody could know im there. i cant tell if its cheating or desync.

if you want to comment something like "tarkov is always desyncy and hacky" please dont. the last few weeks were a pleasant experience, until shit hit the fan today.

this is not a "tarkovbad" post. i just want to talk about if other players feel the same in regards of cheaters and/or desync lately.

e1: i forgot about an encounter when i tried to do killa and met a speed cheater or ping lag whatever, he just sidestepped with the speed of sound.


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