Most maddening experiences in public games?

What are your most maddening experiences in public games? I guess they could technically happen in private games, but let's face it, it will happen in public games far more often.

For me, there are 2 that stand out:

  1. I am imposter. Green is my partner. I see that Green is sticking with Pink all round. But never killing. I run into admin and see them together, so I kill Pink. Green IMMEDIATELY runs to the button and says "Vote me out. I'm imposter. I didn't kill, but my partner killed Pink and I don't want to play without them." At least they didn't give me up, but god damn, if you don't want to play the game, why play the game. It isn't fucking Tinder!
  2. I see an obvious kill in the first round. Orange passes me just as I come on the body. So I report it, call out orange. No one else saw anything, but Orange's feeble attempt to claim self report and me pointing out that self reporting and accusing in the first round is a stupid move since it means you will get voted out next round. So Orange was voted out, though I got 3 votes. (Probably 2 imposters plus 1 moron.) Confirmation was on and we see that he was the imposter. Next round, there was an almost immediately emergency button. "Blue is other imposter. That's why they defended Orange." followed IMMEDIATELY by "xxxx has voted" before I pointed out that I ACCUSED orange when no one else did…not defend them. And asked them if they realized that the main part of the game is REMEMBERING past events when voting. Which some others agreed. Too late. Those 4 votes were enough to get me out. Even worse, the one who pushed the button was the other imposter and none of the idiots sussed him after seeing that I wasn't imposter. Maybe they did later, but not in the next voting round. No one even brought it up. I got fed up and left that game after that one.


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