Motive and Logic. Building a profile on Salvation.

Firstly, if this is the wrong place to post just let me know and I’ll take it down. Secondly, and hear me out, I’m not spoiler tagging anything (unless asked) because you can’t spoil what you don’t know. This is all speculation. Lastly, still learning the etiquette of Reddit so this may be a taboo but this is actually a comment reply I wrote but thought it would be an interesting discussion so I wanted to post it. Let me know if that’s wrong too.

I wrote this in response to some comments about Salvation being sketchy and all (no disagreement there) but I wanted to share my theories derived from attempted analyzation of motive snd logic/reason.

Salvation is the definition of a clandestine source. As a big fan of logic and reason (most of a science ppl are I’d think), I like to consider motivation and logic.

Motivation: this one I’m up in the air on as if changes vastly based on who/what salvation is. The simple first motivation for their actions would be to aid humanity. I’m not saying that holds up, but that’s the good first motivation “lens” through which to view their actions and see how it adds up.

Logic: This is where I feel more grounded, probably because logic is just that where motivation is much more.. subjective.

So just like motivation, I want to also look at their actions and behavior through the lens of logic. One of the big question marks on the board is why the anonymity, why stay basically anonymous. So far I’ve come up with a couple logical reasons for this and I’d love to hear your thoughts, disagreements or additions!

I’m not gonna spoiler tag (unless asked) because you can’t spoil what you don’t know. This is all speculation.

1) The Edward Snowden/wiki leaks possibility. In this theory Salvation is part of an organization and if found out would lose access to the sources/tech that theyre using to guide us, and likely also risk being “disappeared” (killed). More thoughts on this but I’ll save it for those who wanna talk more.

2) Guardian AI: I’d salvation is any form a xeno, I think, that alone explains the reason for the anonymity. More thoughts but staying in topic.

3) Thargoid: A faction in the thargoids that is against the agenda of the warring faction. Same reason as above for anonymity, actually no- this one combines reasons from both 1) and 2) for the anonymity.

And lastly…

4) The puppet master theory. As for who, there’s plenty of options. But this would be a powerful figure with resources and tech that’s unknown to those outside their inner circle. This is a person with a very large, radical, and long term goal and Salvation is highly unlikely to be their first manipulation. In this case, once they reveal themselves or are revealed, the effects of their hand manipulating events will be seen going back for years. (More thoughts on this snd possible motivations as well).

As always, thoughts, additions, disagreements, and definitely corrections are super welcome!


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