Mountain gear recovery extremely frustrating.

Warning up from, this is going to be a rant born of frustration. I love this game but dealing with gear recovery in the mountain biom is really pushing it.

There are a number of things that are just annoying in and of themselves but combined are rage inducing. Enemies basically camping your corpse, silent one shot kills from unseen drakes, terrain draining all your stamina and making it impossible to sneak going uphill and posing a fall damage danger going down hill making evading enemies extremely difficult, wolves who seemingly follow you to the ends of the earth if you get agro, needing a potion to even enter the area, …

Speaking of the frost resistance mead, I love the fact that it doesn't protect you if it rains. Nothing like standing there at the foot of a mountain waiting for the rain to stop so you can have another go at it.

Then there is the one actual, truly unfortunate flaw in this game. The hit detection is terrible. Early on I really liked using the spear but I had to ditch it since I had to be downhill from boars and sneks to have any hope of connecting. In the mountains. . . the game just does not do a good enough job of hit detection when enemies are at different heights than the player.

Great game. Just really frustrated at the moment.


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