Multi-Crew (exploration) Third-Party Tool Idea

I'd love to see better involvement with multi-crew when out exploring and have a basic concept on perhaps how to achieve this; I just don't know if it's worth it.

I've been exploring with putting together a client-server style tool for multi-crew use; the 'client' aspect running on additional explorers inside the ship with the purpose of connecting them a little more to the experience.

The pilot would run a 'server' component that could for example provide a small overlay with information. It would allow certain actions from the clients such as placing a new system name directly into the clipboard of the pilot or even inject keystrokes into the game executable – allowing co-pilots to do certain actions like initiate jumps.

In a neutron highway example, a co-pilot could do the work of copy-pasting system names and checking where and when to refuel / repair. In this scenario, an 'action' for the the keypresses for opening the system map, searching and targetting could be sent to the server / pilot – perhaps queued allowing the pilot to 'play' queued 'actions' when ready.

Some things still bug me such as SRV use in multi-crew (being nothing we can actually do about it) which really limit the possibilities of multi-crew exploration. I know a lot of this has all been discussed before so no need to get into that aspect.. but with the nearing of Odyssey and probable big changes in how players can interact with each other, I'm not so sure this is even worth doing. I'm also keen to avoid the sometimes murky line of automation.

I've been able to demo some concepts locally and get a sense for what might be possible; I'd love to continue and turn into something for everyone.. if it's something people might want. Technically speaking, it's not too complicated locally at least and I'm still looking into how to make this usable outside of the local network.

What are your thoughts, would you utilise something like this (either practically or for RP reasons) and if so what sort of features would you like implemented?

Thank you for taking the time to read this at the very least, o7 Cmdr's!


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