Mumblings about BR and STW

When I look to BR I don't see anything related to STW or even classic BR to say the least.
besides some characters and assets the entire game falls under a complete different category.
just look at something simple like the style of the game , They don't follow Fortnite artistic guidelines anymore, they completely tossed it from the window and just said fuck it, Money is way better than committing to something. that's how anything in the business world goes.

EPIC soon or later will mess with BR in way that will mess with STW, and they will mess with it big time. "talking about UE5 here and the major changes coming after that" and you my friend, you as part of this community and also their clients, I don't think they care that much about you at all.
Just look at it, BR is much more lucrative than STW and even BR is also meet with horrible decision making and problems.
Even though the BR community generates them a lot of money, they are just assets to them.
BR community may think that things are sailing well but when those gains drop it will be clear to them that corporations are not their friends.

One thing is true, people at EPIC probably cared at some point.
probably back in 2017 when everything was completely different and the studio wasn't that much of a power house like it is today.
but with an insane influx money and half of the company being sold to a multi international corpo with no soul at all, I don't think that's really the case anymore, tbh, really far from it.


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