My account was banned, for not violating a rule…

For a long time now, I have been a linux gamer. Playing games through wine, proton, and sometimes in KVM. I while ago, Battleye announced on twitter that they would no longer allow users to play within virtual machines. Their policy was "as always we will ban any users who actively try to bypass our measures. Normal users will only receive a kick" However revently, after switching from intel to amd, my kvm required a few options to play games in my kvm. After setting them, there was no vm masking present, windows fully detected "Virtual Machine Yes" and my processor was listed as EPYC. Obviously no spoofing going on here. I was able to play escape from tarkov with no problem. but the next day, I woke up to a ban. If battleye's policy is to kick, why wasn't i kicked. If they were able to detect my vm to ban me, why didnt they just kick me. Obviously something fishy is going on here.

A few months ago, I had contacted EFT support to ask about KVM usage within tarkov. Their first response to me was "We recommend not to use the Virtual Machine utilities to play safe."
Of course, that is vague, play safe in what sense? for my own security? for the best performance? So, I asked more questions, and received the same response "We just do not recommend it. We will inform you if there are any changes in the future."

So, if battleye's policy is a kick to vm users. And EFT's policy is that they "don't recommend it", what did I do to deserve a perma ban on my account. If they were going to restrict access to the game, I want my money back. If you are going to kick me, so be it, just refund me the game, and I won't support the company anymore.

Not only is an infinite kick, the same as a ban, but they clearly stated that they would not ban KVM users unless they tried to evade the anti cheat. How is it, that a system that reports to windows as a Virtual Machine, and with a processor labeled EPYC, could be "evading detection" from the anti cheat.

It was clearly a VM and your anti cheat wrongly banned me, all you had to do was kick me for use of virtual machine. If the anticheat detected my vm to ban me, couldn't it have just notified me that I was no longer allowed to pay for the game I payed 140$ for?

We need justice, for all of the linux users, who's ability to play their games has been revoked, and for those who have been banned falsely by battleye. Our reports are being ignored, cheating is rampant, but now our ability to play the games we payed for has been revoked, and we have been labeled cheaters.


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