My battle pass speculations and patch dreams.

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

These are my speculations for new battle pass and my patch dreams.

New battle pass including:

  1. Mirana anime persona.

  2. Pudge toy persona with dragonclaw hook, bloodstained britches, rotten stache, heavy tenderizer and maybe dendi doll.

  3. Faceless void arcana.

I also hope for marci arcana, maybe outside the pass, because I liked new hero releases with arcanas.

I'd love them to rework techies and give him some granades, fast activating bombs etc, make him an midlaner/offlaner who scales with levels and has insane burst instead of that traps playstyle that has been nerfed 500 times and just got boring and not fitting into modern dota.

And don't you think roshan would like to move out after so many years on left top of the river? 😉


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