My best imposter game

I was playing a skeld game with two imposters, my buddy orange happened to get caught around the 2nd/3rd round. After this, I decided to kill lime.
Bad decision.
Red came in at the worst time, so I decided to report the body and blame red.. and they believed me! Mind you, confirm ejects was on, so they knew red wasn't imposter, but they never voted me out..?
It got down to the point where it was me, black, pink, and cyan. Black 100% trusted me, so I had an advantage, but there was a problem. Everyone stuck together. this made the game last around 40 minutes, so I decided to sabotage oxygen. Black went to o2, while cyan, pink and I went to admin.
This was my chance.
I killed cyan and immediately reported the body, I was able to quickly convince black that it was pink that killed cyan, and they believed me!
I won the game, and little did I know cyan was the host.. well they weren't too happy with this game, and I got banned from that server. But damn, that was an amazing game.


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