My biggest (not big) and only real beef with this game…

Disclaimer: this is just a personal opinion. I know some will disagree, some will tell me it's better this way and to get good, some will tell me how the mechanics are this way on purpose, and that's all fine, just sharing MY point of view…

I find the controls not responsive enough. What I mean is sometimes when running/jumping or doing other things, actions need to be fully completed instead of doing a few things simultaneously. The biggest way this effects me is pulling out my shield. Just died in a crypt because I swear I took my shield out like 2 or 3 different occasions, but because of me running around, dodging, getting the odd drive-by shot in, shield didn't pop from the hotkey. Yes it's my fault, yes I get the mechanics, just saying if there was one thing I would like to change is to see things become more adaptable when doing a few things at once.

Love the game. Playing right now, not even that pissed having to retrieve my body cuz crypts are fairly easy, and if this doesn't get changed I'll still love it.


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