My concerns about the current state of the game

Hi everyone, disregarding any introductions, im just going to say im a veteran player, playing since 0.3 with roughly 3000+ hours in the game.

Im making this post to show my concern about the current state of the game which in the last 3 years i have been playing, and it is starting to worry me.

Nikita at this moment i think you and your team are currently lost and are desperate for someone to save you. EFT is suffocating and in my opinion the problem is how you are approaching/managing the development decisions.

Attention, this is just my opinion from a players perspective like all of you.

Main Quests/Story line – We are at the 4th year of EFT and still, we do not have a main quest story line, everything we have right now is secundary quests.

Some of these quests are completely tedious and horrible for a new player experience. (Shooter Born in Heaven im looking at you). I also remember that you were going to rework some of the quests and to this day still nothing.

The SKILLS – are still not balanced after 4 years we still have problems balancing the skills to make it a fair progression to everyone without the need of cheesing them. Some skills still do not work as intended.

As an example, you added a reload "timer" to the magazines some time ago without animations which is fine, but you forgot that you also added a skill " Mag Drills" wich is supposed to make you reload your mag faster as you play the game that doesn´t work.

"Interchange" – To this day, spawns are still so close from each other you can litteraly spawn and see other teams from across the map and start shooting each other.

The lights inside the shopping mall are still a complete mess, some areas are so dark you can´t see anything.

Extraction campers on this map is a day to day circus, because of how the map is designed people just camp the extractions for easy loot. I dont blame them, anyone plays on how they like but still a map as big as interchange needs more options for extracting.

AUDIO – With the implementation of steam audio it got slightly better in terms of horizontal audio but vertical audio is non existent at all, its broken.

Audio is the second if not the most important thing after "sight", can you imagine playing any FPS game without sound? Imagine playing Counter Strike without sound in a competitive level, you just can´t.

This right here should be a top priority for BSG to make it work 100% ( Full resources on this one, it makes a difference in the way we make our decisions while playing a raid, it is important).

NEW MAPS – Since the design/map team is different from the "CODE" team as you said, why are we only getting 1 new map per year? At this current year 2020 we only got 1/4 of an existent map wich was an expansion for customs. Nikita you said you do not want to develop EFT forever but at this pace we will never have all the maps by the year 2080.

You tease us with a trailer about Streets of Tarkov, the year is ending at still there are no news about that map being released. After that you decided to make another expansion, this time for "Woods".

Woods is a good map and needs some love yes, but do not tease and hype us with the most expected map that everyone is being asking for years and then postpone it and announce an Woods expansion before Streets of Tarkov. Are you trying to irritate the community? If the anwser is yes you are doing a good job.

FLEA MARKET – You wanted to implement the flea market then make it work and balance it don´t just leave it there dying. People are getting 100 million after 1 week of the wipe.

Its not that hard to do it if you know your way around.

This needs to be intensively tested, wiped, if not you need to analise/gather and study ways to make it better and not exploitable as it is now. It should ease your progression through the game and not make you a Terminator after 1 week.

LATE GAME – Are you thinking about adding late game to a near future? i mean really near, because as i said before the game is out for 4 years and i dont see any discussions about that in the pod casts besides the "ARENA" that i still dont comprehend how is that going to work. Is it a separate mod? Team vsTeam? Is it really necessary to add that to the current game?

What about Clans? Clan Skills?, Clan missions? Clan +EXP while together in raid? This would make people cooperate more, and approach the game from a different perspective.

Ladders for single players, Ladders for Clans. I know seasons exist but i dont think every game needs to have " Seasons " i just dont think it fits EFT.

There are still more things that need a special attention from BSG but right now i think these are the crucial ones.

I just read in another post from your last Russian Podcast, that you are working on the stunning effect of the flashbangs when we are using different types of glasses in our PMC.

I just ask if that is really a thing you need to be taking a closer look right now with all the things you have to fix?

Fix what you already have in the game, the foundations are broken. You can´t start builiding a house from the roof. One thing at a time.

It gives me the impression you want to do everything at the same time, and release it no matter what even if it is broken.

Now you just released ETS, for a beta game? so we are going to test the beta of the beta? How does this make any sense? Just because there you will be able to wipe the game as you please for test purpouses? This is what the current beta is for. It´s like you are saying you are full releasing the game and making a separate version to test future patches. I just can´t deal with this one sorry.

I want BSG and Tarkov to succeed but right now for the first time in 3 years that i have been playing the game i fear that it is going on a wrong direction.




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