My criticism of the tarkov events

There are two issues with these events. The first is that there is no reason to take part in them. A lot of the events are just drains on resources for no reason. If they had some kind of incentive for playing during the events then they would make more sense. Example: "AI scavs are much harder BUT they drop specific items/special currency that a certain trader wants for stuff." Example 2: "ragman is out of armor and backpacks BUT that's because this specific faction hijacked his supply lines so you can go to this specific place to find higher armor spawns." There is currently no reason to play on a weekend event when the entire event is "you have to use more resources to play."

Which leads me to my second issue. These events are always on the weekends which means if you are a casual player who can only play on the weekends, well then it sucks to be you. Now you have spend more of your resources to play the same game everyone else plays normally throughout the week.

The idea of these events is really cool and I hope they keep experimenting but in their current state they either have no effect or give less incentive to play the game.

Side note, I see far more posts about people claiming everyone is complaining about the events then people actually complaining about the events, which is always ironic.


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