My current perspective on Elite: Dangerous as a PS4 player.

I'm just a little jaded and venting right now, but here we go. (Thanks in advance for reading my poorly written rant)

Watching the Odyssey release has been tragic in my eyes as an outsider. There was so much potential and it appears to be floundering. The shooting doesn't look fun, the exploration looks lack luster at best, and the only visible content looks like more grinding. I wanted to see actual content, I was hoping for ship interiors, I was hoping for something that was additive to the core experience not a glorified micro SRV and new engineer grind. Watching the failure of Odyssey has sapped a lot of my enjoyment from Elite. I know FDev will make everything work eventually, but even if everything works proper what is there to do? Look at some dirt, check out that mushroom, shoot a bullet sponge of an opponent?

Due to the perceived failure of Odyssey and the denial of ship interiors I don't know what the future holds for Elite at this time, but I don't have a lot of hope. Things are looking like FDev is ready to move away from Elite and either let the game die or outright kill it. I know they're saying they are fixing the technical aspects, but that doesn't address the lack of compelling content.

On top of all of this I recently got a pretty solid gaming PC up and running. The thought of buying Elite (again) transferring my account has crossed my mind, but I would lose all my progress (triple elite), all of my engineering materials, all of my ships, and all of the cosmetic items I purchased in the years I've been playing and I would get the value of my assets. Losing the items I purchased with actual money feels like a slap in the face and is almost enough to make me not want to transfer, but seeing the current state of Odyssey is cementing my decision.

I know Frontier reads the occasional post here and I hope they see this, I hope they understand that things don't look great for the future of Elite, I hope things can turn around and Elite can be the emersive experience it once was. But, from reading damage control posts on the official forums, watching YouTubers and their general disappointment with Odyssey, reading reviews and just watching from the outside I've lost my excitement for Odyssey and am losing my enthusiasm for Elite.

Thanks to those of you who read my rant. In retrospect, the reason I'm upset is because I enjoy Elite a lot and I want to see it because great.


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