My dota 2 experience 3 month old player!

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

So I decided to get into dota 3 months ago I was surprised by how beautiful the game is at the beginning, i played like 650 hours in 3 months that's how much I got hooked right away! I started at 90 mmr and i ranked all the ay to 1100 but honestly I lost all desire to play this game anymore and here is why:

1) seems like winning Isn't an enough incentive for players to play their roles or even play as a team

2) the population is undoubtedly some of the most toxic degens I have ever met in my life and they are very very hard to communicate with to win

3) 70%+ of games in US east and west are populated by non English speakers which is halrious considering dota is a team based game right? No i guess not.

4) gameplay experience is genuinely miserable for example one guy doesn't pick a correct hero for the role so the other guy tilts and ints so I get tilted and run it down mid lmao its literally so negative and I think it makes people worse, I started becoming more aggressive towards people on comms eventhough I'm a mellow person. And it seems like that's not exclusive to my low rank I watched BSJ, gorgc etc.. all of them are consistently complaining about teammates and calling them trolls etc.. which makes me wonder at what point this game becomes actually enjoyable? Whats the point of ranking up if people will still play mirana carry? Do I have to be a pro to enjoy dota?

That's all I got to say, beautiful game but sadly falls off really badly.


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