My Eikthyr Experience

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Totally new to the game, only have three hours in, so bear with me on this story. I build my cheesy little shack next to the rune stones and get to work. I get the bow, shield, etc. pretty quickly, and I head to the summoning location. I’ve got three deer trophies and the rune says “Hunt His Kin.” Oh… must not have enough deer trophies.

I hunt deer until I have created a stack of 20 in my inventory, and go back to the rune. “Hunt His Kin.” No Eikthyr.

Not sure what to do, I cheat and look up online that you have to put the heads on the altar that I didn’t notice behind me for some reason, and you ONLY NEED TWO.

Now I’m like, whatever, I burned some time, let’s fight this beast. I place the heads on the Altar, the metal starts playing, I’m stoked, my little viking guy is stoked, and Eikthyr is… stuck on the shoreline.

I cheese him with arrows until he has like a 10th of his health then decide to approach him to see what the battle would have been like. He hits me with a couple of lightning attacks and then I finish him off.

What a weird start to my adventure.


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