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So with the Hearth and Home I wanted to start getting back into a game I have found a server to play on after doing 70h solo and here is my experience

Server is lovely people couldn't be nicer and will go out of their way to help you or show you around. I felt welcomed and immediately felt like people want to treat you well. Kind of "Come in traveler help rest at my fire, sleep in my bed" community.


After 7 hours of walking around I am still unable to find a place that is in new player friendly area that you can settle down in. Starter island is full of abandoned huts all warded so you can't ever repurpose it for yourself as a starter base.

There are multiple portals to far away lands so make travel easier all those continents are full of houses the areas you can build houses easily are mountains and plains none of those are anywhere half naked viking should attempt to build. Most of the coast is blocked out by other players.There are random ravines and moats build in the land making traversing even harder.

FPS is around 45 out in the open dropping to as low as 7 in populated areas.

Community feels great so I will give it another couple of hours and try to build a boat but and venture a bit further but if that doesn't work I will probably end up playing solo when Hearth and Home drops.


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