My experience “playing” the game tonight

Right, let me start by saying I've played the game on xbox for years, now on Series X. Have more than got my moneys worth. Have seen my fair share of controversies and cock ups…

I've been watching the Odyssey PC info with keen interest,and I've been playing sporadically but have reached a dead end so to speak so nowhere near as much as I used to. (and I can see for sure that a lot of players feel exactly the same)

Anyways, I thought I'd join in tonight with the new goal, help out, attempt to get some new fsd just as something new to try..

Log in, fly to Alcor

Game freezes on exiting supercruise

Try again

Fly to a fleet carrier to get a few computer components

Carrier not letting people dock

Fly to another carrier

Carrier not even spawning (or moved)

Fly to Mizar to get components instead

Back to Alcor

Game freezes

Reload, get to station

Login failure

Login failure

Can't login at all

Nearly two hours of wasted time….

Well, I just don't really know what to say. It's just like having a relationship with someone, one that you really want to work, but you keep arguing, falling out and disagreeing on fundamentals… I just, I don't know. Any other product behaving like this would be thrown in the bin wouldn't it. Most other games would be updated and these fundamentals sorted ASAP… Again and again this game just doesn't do what it's meant to be doing lol. For a LOT of people it seems.

I can play ANY other game I own online. (I didn't buy Cyberpunk!) I can go out to the pub with a couple of mates (just waiting for one as I write this)…

I WANT TO enjoy this game… It just refuses to let me. It doesn't work. All I can do is fly around, shoot a few other ships, land on a few planets doing what I always have done…and wait for Odyssey to finally be released in whatever state its going to be released on consoles..
I know this'll be down voted by the hardcore die hards..but I don't hate the game I love it, and I know its immensely complex.

I'm just not sure what to think any more about the game or Frontier Developments. The game is just…too frustrating and broken.

I'll be back home in a few hours, I will play incredibly stunning (and stable) Forza Horizon 5 with my friends instead and have a good laugh.

Anyone else in this kind of situation with Elite?


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