My faith in humanity restored

I decided to play Among Us and got my faith in humanity restored.

The Story

I joined a random server and decided to stay awhile since I was haiving a good time. Until I got imposter. A body was reported and one of my 3 imposter friends was caught. The other left as soon as the meeting was over. I was the only imposter left. I was panicking since I hated being the last imposter. I decided that I would turn myself in. I called a meeting and said that I was the imposter. I expected everyone to be like, "yay, free win" but nope. They all wondered why I turned myself in. I told them I hated being the last one. Lime and Orange told me that I should believe in myself, I can do it, and that they were skipping. SKIPPING. I was shocked. I never thought that someone would do that. Especially not in Among Us! They started following me and when I killed someone or vented, they wouldn't tell a soul When it came to the end of the match, I thanked them for doing that. We decided to play some more matches and they became my bodyguards. I got in touch with them via Discord. I will never forget what they have done. Thank you orange and lime.

TL;DR: I wanted to quit the match and found two of my new best friends.


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